Talent Training Base - Jiamei Enterprise Management & Consultation Company

   Jiamei Enterprise Management Company undertakes the important task of group management planning and talent cultivation and carries out planned and pertinent training to key employees of the group. Jiamei Enterprise Management Company leads the training work of the group employees and provides professional instruction to establish training system for every unit.

   Jiamei Enterprise Management Company is oriented to provide training services, which are suitable for the company strategy, to the group. As an entity, Jiamei Enterprise Management Company has professional training base, classrooms, equipment and flexible internal and external teachers. The 700-mu training base of the company is located in Wuyi Dapan Mountain, where there is beautiful landscape.

Three levels training system that includes group, subsidiary and department

   The group implements direct and enterprise strategy related training, which emphatically pays attention to enhancement training of management backbone talents, enterprise culture training, operation and management knowledge training, professional knowledge training, skills training, new employee training and overseas site view, etc.

   The company implements direct and business function related training, which emphatically pays attention to business skill training and foundation management training.

   Departments implement direct and department business process related training, which emphatically pays attention to post knowledge and post skills training.

Advisor System:

   Every new employee will have his/her own advisor for the new post. All the advisors are old employees with abundant work experience and outstanding achievements and deep comprehension on Crown culture. The advisors will keep companion with the new employee to pass the new post adaptation period and give the new employee suggestions and comments according to employee work and some small affairs in life. The advisors will also systematically interpret the connotation of Crown culture to new employees to tell them which kinds of behaviors Crown encourages employees to have and which kinds are objected. From small affairs, the advisors will let new employees feel the existence of Crown culture.

New Employee Training:

   After new employee register, the employee will accept the pre-career training organized by HR Department to let new employees know the development course of Crown Company, recognize and be in harmony with Crown Enterprise Culture.

   After the pre-career training, the employee will accept pre-post training of pertinent department to know the business characteristics, work process and related bylaws of the department.

Post Probation:

   After new employee training is finished, the new employees will enter the post probation stage of one to three months. The post probation is to go to the base product line to know how the product is produced one after the other process and this is significant for the post. Systematic, strict and meticulous exercitation arrangement let new employees work from the bottom, accept practice and test. The employees with outstanding performance will direct enter preliminary talent pool for further training.

Specialty Lines Training:

   All function departments are responsible to organize specialty line training, organize senior colleagues on the specialty line to share knowledge and experience of the work domain. The function departments also develop specialty line training courses and guarantee the course accumulation and knowledge deposit of specialty lines. This type of internal training, on one hand, is good for training depth of specialty line skills and flexibly coordinate specialty line personnel; on the other hand, it can enhance the research capability, induction capability and expression capability of employees who are responsible to prepare for courseware.