The Successful Closing of 1st Worldwide Dealer Conference of Crown Brand by Crown-Gosail

Global economic crisis between 2008 and 2009 has confronted us with unprecedented challenges and meanwhile brought us great opportunities as well. We have achieved the relocation of Group Headquarters, set up manufacturing base of Jinhua power tool and had a try on industrial chain of Shanghai Sowin hardware tools; In 2010, the establishment of CROWN college was an important milestone in the development course of Crown Group as well as a supporting platform to accelerate the internationalization of marketing system in CROWN Group and the transformation of chaining marketing mode. What we are selling isn’t only the products, but more importantly, the idea of CROWN brand and value chain. That is the key for CROWN brand to win the market.


With the purpose to show the marketing operation system of Crown Group to CROWN brand agents and distributors so to not only make them learn our determination on continuous investment in brand marketing system, R&D/quality control system, the logistics system, training system and manufacturing system, but also profoundly understand CROWN brand route, the future chaining operation and the exploration of how to cooperate with both sides to achieve common goals in the future, Gosail Trading Company has successfully held “First Global Dealer Conference of Crown Brand by Crown-Gosail” from April 10 to April 14 with the great support of Crown Group and Sowin Group, " Hand in hand to forward on the road of brand; Heart by heart to set up the chaining business" is the theme of this global dealer conference, which is also the managing way we are always pursuing.


Over the years, we have been adhering to the business philosophy of "take people as the foremost, consider innovation as the soul, put market as the first, and take sustainable development as the strategy" and constantly upgrade products and services. Through the cooperation with global dealers, we are jointly building international popularity and reputation of CROWN brand so to obtain international consumers’ recognition and trust, which has laid a good foundation for the development of CROWN brand.


The acceleration of economic globalization and branding internationalization has presented a new opportunity for companies’ fast development. Today, we invited 60 global dealers of crown brand from South America, Africa, the Middle East, central Asia, southeast Asia&South Asia and Europe and more than 100 "crown brand" partners across the country and hardware tools counterparts to get together in Jinhua so as to contently visit the headquarters of Crown Group, fully understand the operating system of Crown Group and discuss the strategy of Crown brand globalization. Their arrivals have joined us with crown brand, forming an international family.


On April 10, the group of global dealers from each overseas sales area first visited Shanghai Sowin investment group and had a conference in Shanghai pearl hotel. At the conference, Steven, the chairman of Crown Investment Group, expressed his gratitude for dealers’ past support and efforts on the business operation, and explained the relationship between Crown Investment Group and headquarters in Shanghai (Sowin) and the sharing win-win cooperation relationship with customers and suppliers. Besides, he also introduced future planning of chaining stores, integrating training, office, maintenance, warehousing and stores.


On April 11, the group of partners from home and abroad and hardware tools counterparts arrived at headquarters of Crown Group in Jinhua. After a brief welcome ceremony, they respectively visited the R&D center, logistics warehouse, Hengtai Crown, offices, corporation culture center, Crown sample room, Crown accessories sample room, Guantong tools, injection molding plant, Crown college, Zhejiang Crown, Beichen motor, etc, By visiting , they got a comprehensive perception and understanding of manufacturing, research and development, marketing, staff training system of CROWN and profoundly experienced the fast growth and development of CROWN brand.


At night, Gosail Trading Company prepared a grand welcoming dinner in Narada hotel of Jinhua. Steven, the chairman of Crown Group, Zhang Ronggui, secretary of Panan county party committee, Li Qiuhua jinhua, secretary of the party committee of Jinhua vocational technology institute, Zhou Jianmin, director of jinhua foreign trade bureau, Gong Xiangao, regimental commander of 73051 force and other relevant principals of partners from home and abroad, domestic supplied partners, governments, colleges, army guests and Crown Group attended the dinner and enjoyed programs for the dinner party.

During the dinner party, Mr Steven, the chairman of Crown Group delivered an ebullient welcome address: "in 2006, Crown put forward an idea to develop and reform, namely considering how to transform a company manufacturing power tool into a group investing in hardware tools industry and how to change its relationship with subordinates from employment to investment, allowing employees to be the boss. Through five years of exploration and efforts, we accomplished the basic work of separation and reconstructing. It means to establish a specializing spare parts company by separating accessories from complete machines, a specializing brand company by separating sales from tools manufacturing, a professional research institute by separating the developing department from tools manufacturing and Shanghai Sowin Group by transferring domestic sales business from Jinhua. Our starting point of all works is to be more concentrated and more specialized on power tools as we expected so to do good for customers, employees and the society. So far, an industrial chain of hardware tools comprising specialized spare parts, professional machine, professional R&D, specialized sales and professional channel has been formed. During the period of five years, Crown also achieved three lifting steps: from a manufacturing company to a manufacturing group, from a manufacturing group into a branding electric power tools group and finally from a regional and professional group company to an international and industrial group company. After the series of separating and restructuring, we have realized the unity of domestic and overseas commercial mode and completed the reconstruction of global layout and group management. Besides, we also identify the future development guideline: namely centering around hardware tools industry wholeheartedly, internationalizing brand overseas and chaining domestic channels. "


In the evening party, Zhang Ronggui, secretary of Panan county party committee, also gave a speech: the acceleration of economic globalization has presented a new opportunity for companies’ fast development. Today’s getting-together held by Crown Group is bound to speed up the pace of Crown’s internationalization. I hope Crown Group can take this opportunity to further implement the development strategy of "conglomerating enterprise, globalizing production and chaining marketing channels" to strengthen enterprise management, accelerate technological innovation, enhance branding, optimize products and services and improve market competitiveness so as to achieve a better and faster development of enterprise and make a greater contribution to the economic and social development of Pan’an!


In order to forward cooperating relationship and enhance communication, we arranged the topical conference in April 12, in which we exchanged opinions on such aspects as Crown system constitution, manufacturing system, research and development system, staff training system and so on; In the afternoon, each sector also arranged seminar to have discussions. Then dealers put forward constructive proposals for the future development on the basis of their high recognition of Crown Brand and as regards their problems and suggestions, we need a further consideration and discussion about how to do things more professionally. For example, when promoting Crown Brand, we should strengthen and forward the after-sale service and improve the quality of products at the same time. Besides, through reorganizing product structure, we should develop those products with potentials of big market and strong competitiveness and achieve the goal of enhancing brand value and enlarging market share.


With the concern of Mr Steven, the chairman of Crown Group and the support of each department under the headquarters in Shanghai and Jinhua, this dealer conference dropped the curtain successfully. Through this meeting, we not only get dealers to have a better understanding of Crown Group, but also become aware of our defects. We hope that with the joint efforts with dealers, we can enhance mutual trust and strengthen confidence of long-term cooperation. Let us move ahead with hand in hand and heart by heart and strive together for a better tomorrow of Crown.