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As the team's and New Zealand, Honduras team two friendlies home-country crowd, perrin's Asian cup in the heart of 23 people list has been basically determined, now time and opportunity for the wideman has not much, if you want to travel to Australia with the team, this in the remaining training opportunity to set their own ability and attitude, in order to take on the Asian cup of the last bus.

Goalkeeper location has no vacancy, Ceng Cheng, wang lei (microblogging) have gone through your performance for both club and country has proven itself,'t field, two people also is likely to take turns serving as a goalkeeper. 23 years old young goalkeeper from the Shanghai east Asia is edging out at the last moment the old goalkeeper ali, will study as a "third keeper" to the Asian cup.

1. Rotating rear handle
2. External holder for easy servicing
3. User friendly 3-postion side handle
4. Rotating rear handl