Welding Machines / CT33005
Rated input voltage:230/380V
Rated frequency:50Hz
Rated input capacity:14.3KVA
No-load voltage:55V
Rated duty cycle:20%
Current range:60-250A
Suitable welding electrode diameter:2-5mm
-Single phase,fan-cooled,moveable welding cable,over-heat protection.
-Windings of the welding transformer are made of aluminiumwires.
-Constant current(CC)output,welding current can be easily adjusted.
-Arc is easy to be started,it is very stable,and little spatter.
-Continuous adjustment on welding current in large scale.
-Good welding performance and high quality.
-It can be moved easily.
-Suit for many kinds of electrodes and welding mild carbon steel,low alloy steel etc.