H.V.L.P Spray Gun / CT38073 125ml
Cup Size:125ml
Working pressure:30psi
Air Inlet:1/4
Nozzle Size:0.5mm 0.8mm 1.0mm
Fluid Delivery:70-90ml/min 80-100ml/min 90-110ml/min
-Die cast aluminium body in ergonomic design.
-High volume low pressure design in high transfer efficiency to save 
time and paint up to 25%,reducing overshot and spray mist to protect 
-Precise air cap set.Stainless steel nozzle and needle to allow use 
aqueous based paint for long time.
-Good application for spray painting of middle or high adhesive for surface 
finishing and middle coating.
-Color available:polishing color,powder coating in any colors, chrome-plated,
Nickel-plated,Anodized paint color.