Green Life


1) Application:

The tool has been designed for industrial routing of wood,wood products and plastics.

2) Operation:

For greater cutting depths it is recommended to make several shallow cuts with increasing take-up. Place the machine on the workpiece before switching on. Bring the machine after use into its rest-position before switching off.

Inserting and removing a cutter

a) Put the machine on its side on the table with the router base pointing towards you.

b) Push the lock knob into the direction of the arrow to fix the collect.

c) Keep the lock knob in this position.

d) Loosen the collect nut firmly and place a cutter in the collect.

e) Tighten the collect nut firmly using the wrench.

f) Release the lock knob.

g) In order to remove the cutter, proceed in reverse order.

Setting the depth gauge

a) Loosen the locking bolt and release the clamp lever.

b) Push the machine so far down that the router touches the workpiece and fasten the clamp lever.

c) Turn the depth downwards as far as possible.

d) Move the pointer if necessary, so that it indicates the zero value on the scale.

Setting the cutting depth

a) Loosen the locking bolt and release the clamp lever.

b) Set the depth gauge to the required cutting depth using the scale and tighten the locking bolt.

c) Push the machine down to the depth stop.

d) Turn the nut to set the variable cutting depth.

e) Fasten the clamp lever.

Quick-selecting the cutting depth

a) Using the revolver-depth stop it is possible to quick-select between pre-set cutting depth positions. The position right below the depth stop defines the cutting depth.

b) Lift the revolver-depth stop from its current fixing point and turn the desired cutting depth position to the position below the depth stop.

c) Make sure that the revolver-depth stop is secured in the fixing point.

Mounting and adjusting the parallel guide

a) Slide the parallel guide rods in the corresponding openings and tighten the locking bolts.

b) Slide the parallel guide in the router base and tighten the locking bolts.

c) Slide the parallel guide to the desired guide distance.

Mounting the dust extractor

First release the clamping lever, let the machine as high as possible. then mount the dust extractor as shown in the illustration.

Using the guide bush

a) Insert the guide bush into the base of the router and secure to the dust extractor with the three screws provided.

b) Place the router on the work piece, use the guide bush to back the templet and cut the shape same as the templet.

Switch on and off

a) To switch the tool on, keep the lock-off button depressed and press the on/off switch.

b) To adjust the cutting speed, turn the adjusting wheel.

c) To switch the tool off, release the on/off switch.