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Circular Saw

Safety Instructions

1.The voltage of the power source must agree with the values on the nameplate of the machine.

2.Before changing the blade and before all servicing, the plug should be removed from the grip.

3.Keep the cable out of the cutting range of the saw! Always keep the cable away from the machine to the back.

4.Wear protective glasses and ear protection.

5.The workpiece should be checked for foreign bodies. Do not cut through nails.

6.Do not lift the saw off the workpiece until the blade has come to a standstill.

7.If the cable is damaged or cut through while working, do not touch the cable and pull the plug immediately. Never use the machine if the cable is damaged.

8.First turn the machine on,then continue the operation on workpiece.

9.The machine foot must be kept flat on the workpiece.

10.Never put your fingers into the sawdust ejector (Risk if injury).

11.Cracked or distorted blades may not be used. Work only with good sharp blades!

12.Guide the saw in a straight line without any rocking motion so that the blade does not get jammed in the work.

13.Check lower guard for proper closing before each use. Do not operate the saw if lower guard does not move freely and close instantly. Never clamp or tie the lower guard into the open position.

14.Always observe that the lower guard is covering the blade before placing saw down on bench or floor.

Should the blade get jammed, release switch immediately.

Jig Saw

safety instruction:

1.Make sure the voltage rating on the tool matches the power supply voltage.

2.The installation must wear protective gloves when the saw blade.

3.Sawing lumber, plywood and other building materials before the first check whether the hidden piece of foreign body, such as nails and bolts. If you find foreign body must be immediately removed.

4.Completely stationary power tools must wait before we can put down the machine.

5.Do not use damaged cables machines. If the power cord at work damaged or broken, do not intangible wire, must pull the plug.

6.First start the machine, and then provide the machine on the workpiece processing.

7.Sawing must be close to the workpiece when the floor.

Two-speed impact drill

1.Make sure the voltage rating on the tool matches the power supply voltage.

2.Drill installation and removal: The chuck key into the hole, the chuck securely by rotating the chuck head clockwise. Be removed by rotating the chuck counterclockwise.

3.Chuck keys after use, should be immediately removed and put back cable casing.

4.Switching : Check switch operation before using it freely , Ensure that the plug before the switch is shutting down state ,This tool is started and stopped by pressing and releasing the on/off switch. For continuity operation, press the lock button while pressing the on/off switch. Press again to release the lock.

5.In the drilling of different materials, through the speed control knob to adjust the different speed.

6.Reversible operation: The Forward/Reverse button to push the left side, tools are transferred; Instead the reverse. In the middle, the tool can not run.

7.Drill and the impact of choice: When drilling the cement or the wall, the impact function dial to the impact of shocks, When the drill steel or wood, the impact function dial to the drilling.

8.Bit of choice: metal or plastic, please use the ordinary mulberry twist drill, diameter 0.5-13mm. When drilling in wood, use wood drill; if the diameter is less than 13mm, please use the twist drill. Hole in the wall, use a masonry drill.

9.High and low speed of the transformation: Two-speed knob must be in the shutdown state. Go to the "1", for the low state, go to "2" for high speed.

10.In the hole be drilled, please slow down the speed of drilling, reduce drilling through the instant reaction, so as to avoid wrist injury.

How to change CROWN drill chuck

please check it below:

1)Please loose and turn right the drill chuck

2)Turn  left  the screw  inside the chuck (counterclockwise) ,if cant not turn,you need a heat gun to blow it .

3)Turn the chuck from shaft.